Custom design to fit in a corner...
In this custom Kitty Korner we consider 1) the bed that is 12" away from the wall, 2) the bedpost that is 49" tall, and 3) the top of the windowsill or window dressing (in this case shutters) that is 83" high. A perch is 11" wide so we can fit a bottom perch between the bed and the wall. The top of this perch is set at 21" (3" coupling + 18" post) so that it fits just below the bottom edge of the shutters which measures 22" high (the bed blocks the view of this perch). On the right side, we want the top of our next higher perch to be 53" high so it sets a couple of inches above the 49" tall bed post. We figure a 32" post will be used between these two perches (53-21=32). Next, we know we want our top perch to be just above the top of the shutters, so we pencil in the top perch at 85" high. We do some math, 85-53=32, and figure a 32" post will be used between these two perches as well. But, we want another perch here so we simply split this post into to two 16" posts and add a perch right in the middle. Remember perches do not add to the overall height of the Kitty Korner. Basically the posts fit end to end and so are measured this way. Altogether, this 85" tall Kitty Korner has two left-cut perches, two right-cut perches, one 3" base coupling, one 18" post, one 32" post, and two 16" posts. (Note: Instead of the 32" post we opted to use 2-16" posts with a connector coupling. This way there are four 16" posts that can be interchanged later if needed.

...or on a flat wall
Before we begin we know that we want one perch just above the television, one perch somewhere below this on the right side.  Above this we could add two, three, four even five perches since this room has vaulted ceilings. We begin by measuring 1) the top of the television which is 48'" high and 2) the top of the DVD collection which is 25" high. We know we want the second perch just above the television so we go ahead and pencil that one in at 51" off the floor. Then, we go down only 18" for our bottom perch so it sets 33" up from the floor. This gives enough space to view and select from the DVD collection. We decide we want three more perches. We go 16" higher for the next perch, which sets 67" up from the floor. Then another 14" higher for the next perch which is 81" off the floor. And finally 14" higher than this is the top perch which is 93" off the floor. This Kitty Korner has 2-right-cut perches and 3-left-cut perches, one 3" base coupling, one 30" post, one 18" post, one 16" post, and two 14" posts.

How to custom design a Kitty Korner
Before you start, you should have some idea of what you want your custom Kitty Korner to look like when you are done. That is, how many perches will it have and the general position of each on the wall. Draw this as a stick figure on your paper and include in your drawing any objects you will be considering in your design. Then, measure these objects (usually, but not always, the heights, see window example above). Next, determine exactly where each perch will set on the wall and use a pencil to mark the wall where the tops of each perch will be (remember that perches are 2" thick). Then, from the floor up, measure the distances between the marks, rounding to the nearest inch and adjusting the lines as needed, to get your posts lengths. Check your work by measuring how high each line (or perch top) is from the ground. Do some simple math and make any necessary adjustments. There is a 3" base coupling that you need to figure in. Do this by subtracting 3” from the length of your base or bottom post. This base coupling slips on the bottom end of your bottom post and rests on the floor. Finally, for each of your perches, decide whether it will be a right-cut or left-cut perch, and for each post decide on sisal rope or carpet as a covering. Choose a carpet color and you are done. You should have all the information you need to place your order. We are happy to answer any questions and can give as much or as little help as you need to get the custom cat furniture you want. You can email or call us using the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Choosing the best location for your Kitty Korner
Our flexible design allows you to set up your cat furniture just about anywhere in your home. . If your not sure where you want to put your Kitty Korner here are some guide lines. When deciding on which room to put your Kitty Korner in you should try to consider your cat's preferences more than anything else. What rooms does your cat spend most time in? Do not choose a room he rarely visits. Then, when deciding on the best wall or corner space for your Kitty Korner you should consider what you, and the other persons in your home, would prefer. Is the location convenient and practical for everyday use? Step back and, from different viewpoints, look at the area and the whole room and imagine how the Kitty Korner will look with the surrounding decor. It should not obstruct or interfere with the use of other home furnishings. Also, if possible, choose a location that will give your cat the most expansive views. Window locations are ideal, and if his favorite perch gets sun-warmed at some point in the day, all the better. Finally, cats will love any location that allows them to climb up and greet you, face to face, for even more petting and attention throughout the day. Hope this helps! If you have any questions about custom designs please email them to We can give you the information you need to make the best cat furniture choices for you and your cat.

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Custom Design Kitty Korner

Two examples below walk through the process of customizing a Kitty Korner to fit a specific space. You should use the same techniques used here in your own design process. You will need a tape measure and a paper and pencil to draw or sketch your Kitty Korner and any relevant objects, and to record your measurements. A couple of key things to remember, 1) always measure to the top of each perch, 2) perches are two inches thick but not figured into the overall height, and 3) there is a three inch base coupling that you need to consider when figuring the length of your bottom post. Once you know where you want your Kitty Korner, you need to decide how many perches it will have and the general position of each on the wall. Go ahead and make a rough drawing of your Kitty Korner design and the surroundings before you begin to measure.

We are very pleased with the custom cat tree we purchased from you, and the exceptional service you provided, especially with helping us match the carpet color of the perches and posts to that of our floor carpet. The tree is in our living room and it looks like it was made for this room like a piece of furniture. We highly recommend your product and services to anyone looking for a very unique, functional and decorative solution to our feline friends love for heights and climbing.              Kimberly,  McAllen Texas





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